Book your 3-hour Pottery Lesson with Steve now!

Learning to throw pottery on the wheel is a huge first experience for most people who have a desire to see if they have the ‘ceramic gene.’ It’s something in your blood. You see someone throw a bowl on the wheel or have a friend who hand-builds funny birds for a living and you just can’t shake the desire to see what YOU can create with your own hands with clay.

Then you’ll get started on your ‘pottery experience’ by learning the proper steps required to throw any type of pot on a pottery wheel. You’ll learn the following:

  • Exploring clay: what makes it do the things it does.
  • Wedging: what it is, why it’s necessary and when it’s not.
  • How the pottery wheel works.
  • How to prepare your clay for the wheel.
  • How to prepare your body for working on the wheel, including proper posture.
  • How to center clay on the wheel.
  • Coning: what the heck is it and why is it necessary.
  • Compression: what happens if you don’t.
  • Opening the center of the piece.
  • Raising the sides while creating the walls of your piece.
  • Shaping your piece.
  • Finishing touches.
  • Maintaining and restoring integrity to your thrown piece.
  • Removing your piece from the wheel and preparing it for the next steps.

When you finish your pottery lesson, you will walk away with the experience and have a greater understanding of what it takes to be a potter! Since it takes several weeks to create a finished piece, you won’t walk away from the lesson except for an amazing experience. Think of it kinda like a voice lesson or a kayaking trip! 

All of our Pottery Lessons are booked through AirBnB Experiences.  We’ll be in contact with more information via email after that! We can’t wait to play in the mud with you!