Do you crave a week to focus on improving your skills?

Steve’s 7-Day Ceramic Immersion Program will guide you into your own inner sanctum.

We all know that what you get out of something depends on what you put into it, how quickly you progress in this exciting art form is solely dependent on your time at the wheel and your desire to learn and improve your skills. All the while, however, Steve will be there to guide, shape, correct, and support your success during your week in the mud!

Be ready for some exponential and non-linear personal growth with this program

Note: This is for fun!
Making pottery takes time. After your masterpiece drys for anywhere from 4-21 days, it can only then be fired in the kiln. Firing takes about two days. After your piece has been bisc fired, it can then be glazed and fired for a second time.  This means that if you should come for the experience, not for what you will be bringing home.


If you pay for the shipping in advance, we will ship your pieces to you when they’re finished.



$395 / Once / Per Accommodation