Imagine leaving everything behind while fully immersing yourself in your art for a week or two.

How would it be for you to just let it all go and change your focus for awhile?

We’ll provide the space for you to both lose yourself and find yourself all at the same time. All you need to do is show up alone or with your sweetheart and unleash your creative spirit.

Use of the pottery studio is included with your weekly stay.

25 lbs of clay, glaze, and kiln use is also included.
Additional clay, kiln space, glaze, and other materials are available.
Inquire for more details

Note: This is for fun!
Making pottery takes time. After your masterpiece drys for anywhere from 4-21 days, it can only then be fired in the kiln. Firing takes about two days. After your piece has been bisc fired, it can then be glazed and fired for a second time.  This all means that if you should come for the experience, not for what you will be bringing home.


If you pay for the shipping in advance, we will ship your pieces to you when they’re finished.