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• You are looking for a powerful way to improve your pottery skills.
• You want to create freely with wild abandon.
• You want to immerse yourself deeply into the world of ceramic arts. 
• You are looking for a breakthrough in your life. 

Tell us and the Universe what you’re looking for and we’ll get right on it. 

We created Art Escape to be more than just a place to do pottery.  It’s a place where we create and manifest in all ways. 

We’ve created our own little slice of heaven and would be thrilled to share it with other aspiring potters from around the world.  

It would certainly light us up to hear from you!

Creation begins right here…
Steve and Elisabeth

Steve Gordon and Elisabeth Donati

Our Location

Art Escape Retreat is located approximately 40 miles from Glacier National Park and 10 miles from beautiful Whitefish, MT in the foothills of the Salish Mountains.

Our Location

45 Glacier Vista Trail
Whitefish, MT 59937

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Phone/Text 406-260-1559 (Steve) or 805-637-7888 (Elisabeth)