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Steve Gordon, Elisabeth Donati, and Jasmine.
We love art and we especially love ceramics as an art form. Art Escape is the result of our wanting to create an environment where others could join us in our desire to be creative with clay.

“To become conscious and aware, we must become authentic. Authenticity is the highest form of being.” Teal Swan

About Steve

Steve Gordon has done a little bit of everything and a lot of it. After 20 years as a contractor and 18 years as a massage therapist, Steve’s happiest now when he’s in the studio and up to his elbows in mud or teaching a new student. 


About Elisabeth

Having been born on a farm in Michigan and raised in Oregon, Elisabeth learned how to do a little bit of everything as a child…except what to do with money. This led her to her second passion but more on this in a moment.

Elisabeth graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in her first love, fitness and health. After working in a fitness club for years, starting one of the first personal training companies in Oregon as well as a personal training organization, she remarried and moved to Santa Barbara when she was 31.

After a few years in the fitness arena in Santa Barbara, she was struck by how many people, including herself, had no idea how many adults she knew and worked with had absolutely no idea what to do with their money OR their bodies. 

Because of this, she developed an amazing financial education camp named Camp Millionaire and a financial education game called The Money Game. These programs, both super fun and experiential, teach kids and teens everything she wished she’d learned when she was young. These programs are used all over the US and world and she continues to grow the program to this day.

After 28 years in Santa Barbara, she and Steve decided to move to Whitefish, Montana to start Art Escape together. She now has the opportunity to become the artist she’s known was inside of her for decades. Her favorite thing is detail work…she loves to carve and paint animals, scenes and flowers on pots that Steve throws for her. This is where she gets lost and, beside spending time with her Jasmine, finds the joy of creating from her heart.

Elisabeth’s passion is inviting others to think differently about just about anything…especially in the area of using thought to deliberately create our experiences.

When you visit Art Escape, don’t be surprised if a little bit of Elisabeth goes home with you. It’s just what happens.

Princess Jasmine

Jasmine, our Doodle, is the best dog ever! She and Elisabeth have a ‘thing’ and luckily Steve doesn’t mind.

Where Elisabeth goes, so does Jasmine. She is part of the neighborhood dog pack now and couldn’t be a happier dog if she tried.

She’s happiest when there are people about to play with her and pet her and while she may bark at your car when you first arrive, she’s just saying “hi” and letting us know we have new guest to greet.

You’ll love her…everyone does!