About Your Art Escape Experience

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Short description of Art Escape Pottery Studio

Our Art Escape Pottery Studio is nestled on 10 beautifully wooded acres surrounded by stunning national forest.

Steve and Elisabeth moved to Montana in order to create their ideal dream life filled with pottery, garden, forest and more. They are available to teach you how to throw on the wheel or hand-build something wonderful.

Or, if you’re already an accomplished potter, feel free to make yourself at home and create whatever you want!

Getting to Art Escape

To get to Art Escape, you’ll be driving through miles of gorgeous forest land. We’re 10 miles from downtown Whitefish and about 25 miles from Glacier National Airport.  Getting here is easy. GPS knows how much you want to escape and will bring you right to our doorway.

Even in the winter, with snow, it’s an easy drive on well-plowed roads (as long as you have four-wheel drive). We do suggest, however, that you pay attention, watching for local deer, turkeys, our crazy neighbor doodle, little boys and our friend, Megan, in her big UPS truck!


The Art Escape Ceramic Studio

We have several areas set aside to play with clay.

  • A hand-building studio with a great slab roller, tables, stools and tools you’ll need to make all sorts of fun things.
  • A wheel-throwing studio with three professional wheels, tables, shelves, tools and more.
  • A glazing and painting area
  • Our kiln room where the magic happens!

If you want a wheel throwing or hand-building lesson, check out our pottery lessons and hand-building pages and either call us at 406-260-1559 or just schedule your lesson or workshop online.

If you want to be left alone, no problem at all. We totally get it. We’re here to make sure you get the art time you’re looking for.


These are the charges for the studio:

  • Studio fee: $100/month
  • Wheel throwing lessons: $125 person (maximum three people at a time)
  • Material fee: $25-40/bag for clay (depends on type).
  • Bisque firing included in the use of the studio
  • Glaze firing priced per piece based on size of piece

If you aren’t here to fire your finished piece, we can do it for you and mail your piece to you.

The studio is open from 7 am to 9 pm.

Planning Your Experience:

Art Escape is geared for a few types of people:

  • Experienced potter who simply wants to be creative in a comfortable, playful, relaxing environment outside his/her normal studio. Sometimes it takes getting away from it all to discover something new and different inside of you.
  • Beginner who wants a few initial lessons in order to explore an artistic curiousity that has been begging to be let out. We can give you a few basic lessons on both throwing on the wheel as well as beginning hand building.
  • Artists with some experience and talent but lacks a studio to improve their skills and talents who wants to immerse themselves in clay for a week (or three)!