Come enjoy a Ceramic Arts Retreat in Beautiful Montana!

  Pottery Studio • Group/Private Lessons • Workshops

Mark Your Calendar Now - Saturday, December 2, 12-6 pm

Holiday Sale & Handbuilding Workshop

Sale: 12-6 PM. —  Workshop 1-4 PM

  So…What is Art Escape?

Art Escape Pottery Studio is a wonderful, fully-equipped ceramic/pottery studio ten miles outside of Whitefish, Montana. Our focus and goal is providing you with a fun, creative, peaceful and beautiful place to learn how to throw on the wheel, hand-build fun and unique pottery and improve as a potter.

To meet those goals, we offer individual and group wheel throwing lessons, hand-building lessons and workshops and studio time for potters who already know what they are doing but just need a space.

Our studio is tucked in the Salish Mountains on a sheltered ten acres of beautiful forest, close to Whitefish, Glacier National Park and Kalispell Montana.

Our goals at Art Escape include creating and maintaing the coolest pottery studio around, have more fun than a barrel of monkeys AND share it with other aspiring artists from all skill levels.  The prospect of meeting and working with potters from all over the world just lights us up.

We’re here creating and living our dreams and would love to provide you the space, peace and quiet, lessons and tools to create your dreams, too.

When you arrive, we encourage you to begin your stay here by leaving whatever’s not working for you (i.e., your ‘issues’) out on the main road before you make that last right turn into the property.

If you want your old problems back when you leave, that’s up to you. You’ll know right were to find them…

However while you’re here, be open to change because in addition to stepping up your pottery game, you may just have a few breakthroughs in other areas of your life.


“Thank you both very much for the wonderful getaway! We had a great time in the studio as well as getting to know both of you! A little piece of mind here! I am grateful for the opportuity to play in the mud!. Till next time…H. Romey

 Near Glacier National Park

…you can hike, fish, bike, swim, kayak, ski and explore until the cows come home. At Art Escape, you can enjoy our ten acres of amazing forest as well as lose yourself in the pottery studio. You can also hike through neighboring woods, or find a quiet place to reflect.

whitefish montana

Lodging in Whitefish, Montana

It’s no accident that we choose to live and build Art Escape in Whitefish, Montana. This place will reset you and your creative soul. The energy of the trees, the breeze, the green, the snow help you relax, see things differently and find creative juices you didn’t know you had. 

The property is about 15-20 minutes from downtown. 

art escape pottery studio whitefish montana

Complete Ceramic Studio

Our modern, fully-equipped ceramic studio has everything a thriving potter needs to create.  A new kiln, several types of clay, extruders and tools galore. When it comes to being creative, the right space, and the right company, can make all the difference in the world.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” ~Steve Jobs