Forming The Rim

In the mind of every artist there is a masterpiece.
Kai Greene

How to Experiment with Pottery Rims and Discover New Forms

S.C. Rolf

S.C. Rolf is a studio potter in Wisconsin who, while he is an expert in form and function, still likes to experiment and stretch his interaction with clay.

In this video, he explores ways fresh approaches to making rims on vessels. Rolf rightly points out that many potters, old and new, can get into “habits” of making forms, in the same way, every time. He views experimenting and workshopping as important parts of growing as a potter.

I’ll just run through a list of the kinds of rims Rolf creates in this short video. Watch it yourself and you’ll probably get excited about trying something new when you get back in the studio!

  • Standard rim
  • Thickened rim
  • Angled rim
  • Rounded rim
  • Ridged rim
  • Inward rim
  • Outward rim
  • Split rim
  • Rolled rim
  • Altered rim

What a blast! And a good reminder that clay invites experimentation!