Thank you so much for booking your wheel throwing or hand-building workshop with us!

We can’t wait to play in the clay with you!

We will send you more information the day before you lesson or workhop. Most of our lessons and workshops can hold multiple attendees:

  • Wheel Throwing max is 3 attendees currently.
  • Hand-Building Workshop max is 6 attendees currently.

What to wear: First thing to know is that clay washes out of clothing easily. If you’re painting, however, sometimes a paint or stain might not wash out completely. While we have never had a permanent stain issue in anything we’ve done, we do recommend wearing comfy clothing you don’t mind getting dirty…after all, we are playing with mud.

Note: we do have a few aprons available but if you have a favorite art/cooking apron and want to wear it, be our guest!

What do expect:

  • Wheel throwing lessons: please know that it takes weeks, months/years to get good at throwing on the wheel and be able to create something worth saving. If you are signing up for one of our beginning lessons, think of it as a singing lesson. You’ll have a great experience, learn a ton about making pottery and throwing on the wheel but you probably won’t be ready to go sing on stage! :-).
  • Hand-building workshops: Generally speaking, most people make something that they will paint during the same workhop and that piece will be fired and clear glazed within 2-4 weeks of the workshop. Pieces can be shipped (shipping fee required at time of shipping) at that time.

Again, look for detailed directions the day before your lesson or workhop and can we just say…

We can’t wait to play with you!!!

Steve & Elisabeth, owners Art Escape Retreat
406-260-1559 or 805-637-7888