Whether we’re traveling for fun or business, it’s great to look around the local area to find new adventure, check cool Airbnb Experiences and expand your knowledge base on all sorts of activities.

Pottery lessons in the Whitefish, Montana area are a great option for a new adventure…especially for beginners who just want to get their hands in the mud and see what this ‘throwing on the wheel’ thing is all about.

When you come to Art Escape Pottery Studio (formerly Art Escape Retreat), you find yourself immediately relaxed in the middle of our forested property. You’re welcomed and ushered into our new studio where you will learn what we mean by ‘playing in the clay’ while Steve and Elisabeth show you around and gets you setted. 

Steve explains working with clay from the very beginning, explaining what clay actually is and why we can turn it into an unlimited number of shapes and forms. 

For more information and to sign up for a pottery lesson, please visit our pottery lessons page

We can’t wait to play in the clay with YOU!

Steve & Elisabeth